International Projects

PARENTNETS - Parents tool - Detecting and preventing risks on Social Networks

Title of the project:

“Training parents for detecting and preventing risks on Social Networks and Internet”




24 months – (September 2014 to August 2016)

Kind of project:

Erasmus + - Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Main aims:

The main objective is to cover a necessity addressed in the on-line environment. Many young people are interacting electronically through tools that their parents are not aware of its working and risks, therefore, are not able to control.

ParentNets aims to be innovative, as there are no programs so far as broad and specific in the field of adult education on this topic.

Partners want them to know more about the activities their children develop on the Internet, with particular emphasis on the detection and prevention of the risks that the new technologies have for the youngest.


A manual for parents. A complete material for parents, teachers and anybody interested. The target group will be able to obtain information about the popular sites for children on Internat. The manual show the strength and risk of the sites.

A 3D video game. The multimedia game is divided in 6 didactic units designed as a role game.



- Dirección Xeral de Educación, FP e Innovación Educativa – Santiago de Compostela - Spain


- No al Acoso – Barcelona (ES)

- Dublin City University - Dublin (IE)

- European Parents' Association – Bruselas (BE)

- Colegiu National Pedagogic "Stefan Velovan" – Craiova (RO)

- ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – Lisboa (PT)

- Virtual Campus Lda – Porto (PT)

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