International Projects


Title of the project:

“Physical and Virtual Games for education and social insertion of intellectually handicapped people”




24 months – (September 2016 to August 2018)

Kind of project:

Erasmus + - Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Main aims:

The principal objective of the project is to develop an online platform to interact with physical robots or in a virtual community, to implement with them specific teaching units for adults with disabilities. This goal leads offering this group the ability to access a normal activity, such as playing with robots. With this in mind it aims to help to promote the inclusion of disabled people. For this purpose, the consortium counts with experts on this target group.

Involve parents in teaching/learning activities to enhance the bond parent - child and strengthen their relationship is also a purpose seeked by the project. The fact that there is a virtual community also allows playing in pairs. For this reason, physically separated adults could also play in a jointly way.


  1. An Online platform, virtual community and real game. An online space where handicapped adults, educators and parents can play (performing Teaching Units) with virtualized tools and also interact with real robots that have at home or at its center.
  2. A robot, which will be the element with which the user of the platform interacts.  The robot will be the element with which the user of the platform interacts.
  3. 10 Teaching Units. The platform also will include 10 Teaching Units. The TU are based on existing games and new ones which can be created from adaptation for adults with disabilities. The games seek working different fields, such as orientation, sequencing, etc.





- Dirección Xeral de Educación, FP  e Innovación Educativa – Santiago (Spain)




- Spoleczna Akademia Nauk – Lodz (PL)

- Daniel Castelao – Vigo (ES)

- Ceis Formacione – Modena (IT)

- Project Management Association – Craiova (RO)

- ATENEA Projects Lda – Valença (PT)

- Ist. D'istruz. Superiore Aldini Valeriani – Sirani – Bologne (IT)

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