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LEARNING ARABIC - Bussines arab course

Title: Learning Arabic language for approaching Arab countries to increase business and mutual understanding
Web Site:
Duration: 2 years (november 2008 to october 2010)
Type of project: LLP – Key Activity 2: Languages. Multilateral Project
Aims of the project: - Create a set of innovative tools to promote and facilitate the acquisition of basic competences in Arabic language, as well as a better knowledge of Arab culture, among European citizens.
- Promoting understanding among different cultures.
- To produce a multimedia and interactive Arabic language course which will be held on an e-learning platform on the Internet .
Products: - A report on the multimedia courses and materials for Arabic language available.
- A Website
- A set of several multimedia Arabic language tools that includes:
       + A multimedia and interactive language course.
       + A CD-ROM including the same course, for using when an Internet connection is not available.
       + POD-CAST files.
Partners: Promoter

INGAFOR – Instituto Gallego de Formación (Spain)


Asesoramiento, Tecnología e Investigación, S.L. (Spain)


- Universidad de Málaga – Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación (Spain)
- Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l’Europa (Italy)
- Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo –Onlus (Italy)
- Brill Academic Publishers (Holland)
- ACIAB – Associação Comercial e Industrial de Arcos de Valdevez e Ponte da Barca (Portugal)


- Lugano University (Switzerland)
- Bethlehem University (Palestine)
Total budget: Euro 533.000,00 

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