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Inmilabour - Course of English, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese for inmigrants

Title: “An European Tool to Improve Access and Permanence of Immigrants in the Labour Market”
Web Site:
Duration: 28 months
Type of project: Linguistic Competences Project - Leonardo da Vinci
Aims of the project: - To contribute to the access of immigrants to the labour market and to make easier their social integration.
- To go deeply in the knowledge of particular problems and needs that immigrants have to face when arriving in their destination country.
- To develop a Web Site to serve as a reference both for immigrants and those supporting them
- To design a language-learning course in electronic support specially designed to fulfil the needs of immigrants, both linguistic and information ones.
Products: - A report on the main needs of immigrants in order to access the labour market and achieve social integration.
- A Spanish, Portuguese, English and Romanian language course in electronic support, specially designed to satisfy the needs of immigrants.
- A Web-Site which includes the course, relevant information about project and reports developed.
Partners: Promoter

Concello de Mos – Centre for Local Development – Mos – Spain


Asesoramiento, Tecnología e Investigación, S.L. (Spain)


- Ideasgarden – Dublin – Ireland
- IES Ribeira Do Louro – Porriño – Spain
- Universidad De Santiago De Compostela – Santiago de Compostela – Spain
- Elanguest English Language School – St Julians – Malta
- Formibérica Lda. - Portugal
- Magestil Escola Profissional - Lisboa – Portugal
- Carmel C. M. LDA. – Ovar – Portugal
- Concept Consulting – Brasov – Romania
- CNRR – Romanian National Council For Refugees – Bucharest – Romania

Total budget: Euro 495.830

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