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ROMANINET - Romani course

Title: A Multimedia Romani Course for Promoting Linguistic Diversity and Improving Social Dialogue
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Duration: 24 months – (December 2009/November 2011)
Type of project: LLP – Key Activity 2: Languages. Multilateral Project
Aims of the project: The main aim of the project is to develop of a Multimedia Romani course. The course will be based in the Language European Framework for levels A.1 and A.2. This course will be able to be used by adults and young people and it will be available for people with a low level of studies. As complementary products, it will be created 3 units related with the Romani and Roma people.
Products: The main products will be:

1) Material about Roma language and culture.
2) A Romani language course translated to English, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Portuguese
3) 3 units related Romani and Roma people for primary, secondary and high school.
Partners: Promoter
IES Ribeira do Louro (Spain)

Asesoramiento, Tecnología e Investigación, S.L. (Spain)

- Fundación Secretariado Gitano (Spain)
- Ethnotolerance (Bulgaria)
- Secretariado Diocesano de Lisboa da Obra Pastoral dos Ciganos (Portugal)
- Grup Scolar Industrial Victor Jinga (Romania)
- SC Concept Consulting SRL (Romania)
- University of Manchester (UK)
Total budget: Euro 532.000,00 







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